Dear North Parish Members and Friends,

After four weeks of Advent, we are waiting on the cusp of Christmas Eve. If you have been running, running to make it thus far, I hope you can take a breath- as we all will tomorrow at the Meeting House. We will take a breath as we sink into the familiar words, music and carols that tell the ancient legends about the birth of Jesus… and the presence of Love and God in the world even during terrible of times in human history. If you are traveling, perhaps you can remember a year when you, too, were in the sanctuary as it filled with light and we sang “Silent Night” together… and sense that feeling of community and peace.

I wish you all good things- rest, peace, joys big and small, time with family, safe travels, and beautiful music this holiday and in the new year.

Happy belated Hanukkah, a lovely Solstice, and merry Christmas to you all!
Love, Rev. Lee, Andrew and Emma

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