A note from Rev. Lee:
What does it mean to be a people of expectation?

This theme for December fits with the season of Advent in the Christian tradition- a season of preparation and expectation for the coming of the Christ child. Traditional Advent practice includes nurturing and expecting hope, peace, joy, love and God. Yet given the news of late, we might instead find ourselves expecting violence and dread, due to the weekly mass shootings in our country. As the President has said after last week’s shooting- prior to this week’s shooting: “This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal.”

I hope that you will seek refuge and renewal in the sanctuary and the music of North Parish this season. At times like these, we all need community, a sanity check and a sense of agency in the face of violence, apathy and hate mongering. We all need places to nurture some hope, peace, joy and love in ourselves and in others. We all need places accustomed to the habit of gathering people who agree that something must be done, and then who find ways to go about doing it.

Unitarian Universalists don’t always talk about Advent. Yet we can be just as affected as the next person by the rush and stress and commercialism of the season, by the nightly news, by the increasing darkness that leads up to the Winter Solstice. If you are looking for some ways to center yourself at home as well as at the Meeting House, you might want to check out this website by a UU minister, which includes UU friendly Advent readings: http://adventforatheists.weebly.com/

In the meantime, remember that we will be here, often, during December, with music, poetry, simple rituals and habits that lift the heart and remind us of all that is good in the world. I hope you will join us— if not for yourself, then for person who needs someone to sit next to.
In faith,
Rev. Lee

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