Dear North Parish,
I recently attended a session of “Quniversity”, an experiment in Lawrence to bring people together for some “quality” time.  I was surprised and happy to meet NP  member Dave Cook and NP friend Esther Sanchez there (and yes, all three of us learned some “zumba” steps as part of the afternoon!)   We are all interested in facilitating some conversation circles for Spanish-speakers to practice their English, and vice versa.  We’ll keep you posted.

A few weeks ago, I visited Christ Church United in Lowell, and heard about a recent mission trip to Honduras.  It was the same Sunday when a few predominantly African-American congregations in Boston were responding to the latest gun death of a child with a call for the men of the congregation to take a stand for non-violence.  Our contexts make such a difference to what we focus on in church.

When I visit these urban churches (with large physical plants) I do find myself wondering how these congregations survive.  Some are clearly further along in their efforts to adapt and change with their surrounding communities than others.  I am also discovering how important first impressions can be to a visitor!   Friendly greetings and the attitude from the pulpit make a big difference.

I hope you’re all well, and supporting all our wonderful member preachers!  Thanks to each of them!
Rev. Lee

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