We are people who have always affirmed human diversity. We have always looked to the future and seen new possibilities. We must do so again. Let us be the people who break down the arbitrary barriers that divide us from them. We are one, and love and hope will guide us. Let us, together with all our brothers and sisters, build a new way. — Peter Morales, UUA President

The Multicultural Task Force invites the congregation to engage with issues of justice.

Summary of Multicultural Task Force Activities

Board of Trustees 2016 Letter to local newspapers
Black Lives Matter FAQ 2016
Did You Know?
Why do some of us say that our faith calls us to affirm that Black Lives Matter?

North Parish Multicultural TaskForce
The Board of Trustees (“BOT”) recently voted to place a Black Lives Matter banner in front of the meeting house to signify North Parish’s support for racial justice especially concerning the black community. (continue reading)

Black Lives Matter Vigil August 2015BLM sign holders 2015

Our Faith Calls us to Affirm Black Lives Matter

Upcoming Events:The MCTF continues their work with several events planned over the coming weeks and months.

Moral Mondays Boston: Coming to Boston Sept. 12th
The Moral Mondays Movement began in North Carolina in response to voting rights restrictions that have recently been struck down by both a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Co-led by Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Moral Mondays is a movement to redefine morality in American politics and challenge people of faith to be more vocally opposed to harmful policies that disproportionately impact the poor, the ill, children, immigrants, communities of color and religious minorities. As they say, “It is time to move beyond left and right, liberal and conservative, and uphold higher ground moral values!”
The September 12th National Higher Ground Moral Day of Action will take place at 11:00am (gather at 10:30am) at the State House. Leaders will be delivering a MA version of Moral Declaration to the Governor, in concert with states nationwide. To carpool with Rev. Lee contact her at minister@northparish.org

Monday, Sept. 19th, 2016– Breakfast and Talk: Our Muslim Neighbors
7:30 breakfast; 8:00 program, at Lawrence General Hospital
Daoud Abudiab, president of the Faith and Culture Center in Nashville will be the guest speaker. Mr. Abudiab, a healthcare administrator and interfaith activist from Tennessee, will speak about the successful bridge-building program “Our Muslim Neighbor” in Nashville. We will discuss how such an initiative might benefit the multi-faith population of the Merrimack Valley.
Co-hosted by North Parish, Merrimack College’s Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations and Lawrence General Hospital.
The program is free. If you’d like to attend please register at https://www.merrimack.edu/live/events/672562-our-muslim-neighbors .

Additional Resources

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Other Action

If you would like to get involved with our Multicultural initiatives, please contact us.