It takes many leaders to be self-governing and to accomplish our Mission!

Church officers and the Board of Trustees are elected annually by the members. The Board of Trustees has fiduciary responsibility between annual meetings and also focuses on long range planning. A second governing body, the Parish Council, is comprised of chairs from a number of central committees, which carry out the activities of the church. Both the Board and Parish Council meet monthly. In addition, our leaders include the chairs and leaders of Board-appointed committees and task forces, other small committees and task forces, and small group leaders. These various groups may meet independently or with the Parish Council.

Elected Board of Trustees 2016-2017:  Keith Connors, Tina Klein, John Lennhoff, Alison Sparks, Lisa Tellekson, Steve Vail and Chair Keith Wentzel.

Officers 2016-2017: Nancy Sarro, Treasurer; Nancy Lennhoff, Collector; Carol Carbonell, Clerk;  Peter Race, Moderator.

Board Appointed Committee/Task Force Chairs 2016- 2017: Ken Rohr, Nominating Committee, Kevin Reid, Personnel Committee; Dan Gerron, Finance Committee; Brian Middleton-Cox, Intern Committee.

Parish Council Chairpersons 2016-2017 (of standing committees and task forces sitting on the Parish Council):  Barbara Call and Julia Henderson, Red Bow Fair; Don Schemack, Pat Grimm and Jeff King, House & Grounds; Donna Cloney, Liz Gerron, Social Action Council; Gary Adams & Lisa Scott, Membership; Cindy Jones and Cara Marshall, Religious Education; TBD, Program; Andy Wright, Music; Barry Low, Worship; Kim Adami, Crossroads Coffeehouse; Bill Putnam, Stewardship; Kim Adami, Barbara Call, Caroline Cole, Fundraising; Kim Adami, Leslie Young-Lemire, Carolyn Zimmer, Caring Team.

For Chairpersons and leaders of all other committees, task forces and small groups, click our Serving Others – Opporutnitites for Compassionate Action brochure.